Following are the links for available MATLAB projects (full report, project video and source codes)

  1. Performance analysis of zone routing protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  2. Optimal integrated points placement in hybrid optical-wireless access networks
  3. Forest fire detection system
  4. Document Categorization
  5. Dynamic faults detection in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
  6. RTS (Request to send) CTS (Clear to send) mechanism for data transfer in wireless network
  7. Scalable and robust data dessemination
  8. Multi Resolution Bilateral Filters
  9. Detection and Correction of Sybil attacks in Wireless Network
  10. Digital Video Watermarking using DWT/DWPT and Principal Component Analysis
  11. Secure voice transmission using DES
  12. Cancer Detection
  13. Noise removal in a signal using newly designed wavelets and kalman filtering
  14. Image enhancement technique on Ultrasound Images using Aura Transformation
  15. Image denoising using Markov Random Field (MRF) model
  16. Shadow Detection and Correction in images
  17. An Investigation into Image Hiding Steganography with Digital Signature Framework

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